CONEBI is the result of the merger that took place on 19 November 2014 between COLIPED (the Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts’ and Accessories’ Industry) – established in 1960 – and COLIBI (the Association of the European Bicycle and e-Bike Industry) – established in 1973.

CONEBI combines the efforts that have been efficiently put by COLIPED and COLIBI all over the past decades in order to have maximum strength in representing its members’ interests at European level: the new association will keep on maintaining regular contacts with European policy makers and Authorities, as well as with other associations that pursue common objectives, the European standardization body CEN, Industry and mobility experts, and the international press. CONEBI’s aim will be the growth of the bicycle, EPAC and P&A industries and of the Cycling Culture in Europe.

CONEBI is an association composed by Members from the bicycle associations in all European countries. Every country is represented by that national organisation. CONEBI has a board consisting of four representatives from the Industry and a treasurer from the Members. The following Board of Directors was unanimously elected on 12 October 2017:

  • Erhard Büchel of Büchel & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG, President
  • Ton Anbeek of the Accell Group NV, CEO
  • Massimo Panzeri of Atala Spa, Vice President
  • Paulo Monteiro Rodrigues of Orbita and Miralago, Vice President
  • Sacha Boedijn of RAI Association, Treasurer

At least two times per year CONEBI has a general assembly.


(249) The Union Bicycle Industry contributes significantly to technological innovation and spin offs, such as the recently developed EPACs (Electronically Power Assisted Cycles) and electronic bicycles that would not be economically viable without having a bicycle industry in the Union. Moreover, the Union Bicycle Industry contributes to the environmental goals such as greening of transport and decarbonisation.

(250) The Union Bicycle Industry is also a driving force for related industries, such as production of bicycle parts, bicycle accessories and related services. In total the Union industry generates directly and indirectly between 60 000 and 70 000 jobs in the Union market.

(251) The Union Bicycle Industry had undertaken efforts to restructure and invested in innovation which would be lost should the Union industry disappear. To the contrary, with the measures in place, the Union industry would be able to maintain and even increase sales volume and thereby generating the necessary return on investments which would enable it to continue to reinvest in new technology and innovation.

  • Organization of CONEBI General Assemblies and Working Groups
  • Advocacy campaigns in the Members’ interest towards European and national authorities
  • Monitoring of European and national developments and legislation
  • Contacts with the European Institutions
  • Study of technical / economic dossiers
  • Consultation and exchange of information with other European associations
  • Monitoring + study of possible co-operations in European programmes
  • Organisation of a European participation in non-European bicycle shows

CONEBI vzw/asbl (non-profit association) consists of a Board of Directors and the General Assembly.

For specific dossiers, CONEBI created a number of working-groups. The experts, Members of the WGs, communicate their findings at the General Assembly. The association can be composed of effective and associate members (for details: click ‘members’). The working costs incurred by the association are covered by membership fees and by revenues from the organisation of promotional activities.

Board of Directors:

President Mr Erhard Büchel, of Büchel & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG

Vice-President Mr Ton Anbeek, of the Accell Group NV

Vice-President Mr Massimo Panzeri, of Atala Spa

Vice-President Mr Paulo Monteiro Rodrigues, of Orbita and Miralago

Treasurer Mrs Sacha Boedijn, of RAI Association


Secretary General Ms Greet Engelen

General Manager Mr Manuel Marsilio

Public Affairs Manager Mrs Anna-Lena Scherer

Project and Policy Officer Mrs Maria Georgiadou

Advisor Mr Moreno Fioravanti

Technical Advisor Mr Siegfried Neuberger

Technical Advisor Mr Eugène Moerkerk

Technical Advisor Mr Erik van der Hout

International shows Mr Peter Hildering