COLIPED was founded on 9 November 1960 under the full name “Comité de Liaison des Fabricants de Pièces et Equipements de Deux-roues des pays de la C.E.”.In the early 90-ies, COLIPED’s role expanded as a result of

  • heavy job and production losses in the industry;
  • growing competition;
  • the need to promote the European two-wheeler parts and accessories at global level;
  • the growing importance of EU legislation.

The Committee started to tackle a variety of dossiers, it welcomed new members, became organiser of the joint European booth at the Taipei Cycle Show and, in 1998, obtained a liaison status within CEN TC 333 – the Technical Committee ‘Cycles’ of the European standardisation body. The ‘old’ Comité de Liaison’ had outgrown its original role and its structure did no longer meet the actual needs of the association and its members. At the turn of the century, COLIPED was preparing for its new legal status that officially entered into force on 1 January 2002.

The “Comité de Liaison des Fabricants de Pièces et Equipements de Deux-roues des pays de la C.E.” was burried and the new non-profit making association COLIPED vzw was set in place. Ready to tackle yet more challenges and prepared to be the official spokespartner of the European two-wheeler parts’ and accessories’ industry.


President: Mr Jan Willem ten Dam (CEO Ryde International)
Vice-president: Mr Erhard Büchel (CEO Büchel GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG)
Secretary General: Ms Greet Engelen
Treasurer: Mrs Sacha Boedijn (Rai Vereniging, The Netherlands)


COLIPED vzw (non-profit association) consists of a Board of Directors and the General Assembly. For specific dossiers, COLIPED created a number of working-groups. The experts, member of the WGs, communicate their findings at the General Assembly. The association can be composed of effective and associate members (for details: click ‘members’).
The working costs incurred by the association are covered by membership fees and by revenues from the organisation of promotional activities.

General activities:

  • Meetings of the General Assembly, Board of Directors and working-groups;
  • Lobby in the members’ interest towards European and national authorities;
  • Exchange of information;
  • Monitoring European and national developments and legislation;
  • Study of technical / economic dossiers;
  • Consultation with other European associations;
  • Contacts with the European authorities;
  • Organisation of a European participation in non-European bicycle shows;
  • Study of the bicycle & parts’ market in candidate countries;
  • Organisation of presentations.
COLIPED has 14 members. They are the national, professional associations of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Turkey.

Fed. of Finnish Technology Industries
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Rowerowe
RAI Vereniging
Tous à Vélo ! – CNPC

European Legislation – Consumer guarantees


“Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999 on certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees”.

Brief contents:

The Directive concludes a minimum harmonization of the different national regulations & laws and is set to ensure a uniform minimum level of consumer protection in the context of the internal market.The seller must deliver goods to the consumer, which are in conformity with the contract of sale.  In the case of a lack of conformity, the consumer shall be entitled to have the goods brought into conformity – free of charge – by repair or replacement of the good. Under certain conditions, the consumer may obtain a reduction of the price of the good or he can have the contract rescinded.Member states may adopt or maintain in force more stringent provisions to ensure a higher level of consumer protection.

Current situation:

Member states have to comply with this Directive as from 1 January 2002.
By 7 July 2006 at the latest, the EC will review the application of this Directive.

European Legislation – Product Safety


“Council Directive 92/59/EEC of 29 June 1992 on general product safety”
The general product safety directive has 2 complimentary objectives:

  • ensuring a high and consistent level of protection for consumer health and safety throughout Europe;
  • the proper functioning of the Internal Market.

29 May 2001: publication (OJ C 154 E) of the “Amended proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on general product safety” (2001/C 154 E/24).
The proposal imposes a general safety requirement on any product put on the market for consumers or likely to be used by them, including all products that provide a service and excluding second-hand products that have antique value or that need to be repaired.

15 January 2002: publication in the Official Journal (L11) of “Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 December 2001 on General Product Safety”.

Some changes, compared to the 1992 Directive:

  • Simplification and more efficient emergency procedures to ban the marketing of certain products or to withdraw products from shops or to recall products that consumers already bought. Rapid market intervention measures (Rapid Information System = RAPEX) can be taken by the Commission in cases of a ‘serious risk requiring rapid action’ for up to a 1-year period as opposed to the current 3-month limit;
  • Manufacturers and distributors will be legally obliged to inform the authorities if they conclude a product they supply is dangerous;
  • Addition of the prohibition on the export of products banned in the EU to third countries;
  • Strengthening of a) the obligations and powers of national surveillance authorities and b) sanctions at national level.

Current situation: 

15 January 2004: entry into force of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD).


The industry is facing serious barriers since products still need to be specified according to different national standards.  Therefore, it is of vital importance that a harmonized European standard for bicycles is developed. In 1998 and at the explicit demand of the industry, Technical Committee (TC) 333 ‘Cycles’ was created within CEN, the European committee for Normalisation.  The secretariat of the TC 333 is held by UNI in Italy.

COLIPED obtained a ‘Liaison Status’ within the TC 333 and is, as such, represented in all the working groups by a number of its members. Within TC 333, several working groups were created to deal with specific issues, e.g. WG Bicycles for use on public roads, WG Racing bicycles, WG EPACs, etc.
While the TC is composed of national delegations, the Working Groups consist of several European experts.  Applications for membership within TC 333 have to be addressed to the national standardization bodies. The basis of the future CEN standard is ISO 4210.  The first draft standards have been finalised and launched for public enquiry. Hopes are that the final CEN standards will be ready in the course of 2004.


After having advised to the European Commission 15 years ago the adoption of the concept of Electronically Pedal-Assist Cycles (EPACs) and its rules, in 2014 Colibi-Coliped successfully obtained the Speed Epacs definition in the L1eB category.

CONEBI (ColibiColiped) DVM presentation December 2014.pdf (3.943KB)

Promotion – Made in Europe

I. Objectives

With this initiative, COLIPED aims at strengthening the European industry of two-wheeler parts and accessories.  COLIPED wants to encourage the purchase of European-made products, especially in those cases where European-made products of equal or better quality are available.With the ‘Made in Europe’ initiative, COLIPED focuses on the competitiveness of the European industry of two-wheeler parts and accessories. A lot of parts and accessories are still being designed and manufactured in Europe. European makes are sold worldwide and are synonymous with quality, innovation and tradition.With the use of the ‘Made in Europe’ conformity marking, European manufacturers indicate that the products that they place on the market, meet the basic criteria and rules of European origin and manufacture, trade and labour, and respect health, environment and safety (the Made in Europe products will have to comply with standards, currently being laid down by the European Committee for Standardization, CEN TC 333) rules for users and consumers.The product marked ‘COLIPED Made in Europe’ will mean in a glance experience in development, reliability, product liability and for the European market, shorter lead times and lower stock holdings.Consumers consider it more and more important to buy ‘Made in Europe’ products. Moreover, buying ‘Made in Europe’ helps the European industry (jobs creation, etc.).

II. Who can participate?

European manufacturers of two-wheeler parts and accessories that are member of their national association, member of COLIPED.

III. How can the origin of products be determined?

Two main rules are applied. These rules, together with all related exceptions and additions, are laid down in the articles 23 and 24 of the Community Customs Code.

The below merely reflects the basic and general principle:

  • goods originating in European COLIPED countries shall be those wholly obtained or produced in one of above-mentioned COLIPED European countries;
  • the COLIPED European country of origin is the country in which the goods underwent their last, substantial, economically justified processing or working in an undertaking equipped for that purpose and resulting in: – the manufacture of a new product or – representing an important stage of manufacture.

 IV. The MiE marking

Next to the words ‘Made in Europe’ and the name ‘COLIPED’, the marking will refer to the European country in which the product is manufactured and which is member of COLIPED.

mie spain
Example of the Made in Europe
marking for Spanish producers.
Belgium: B
Finland: FI
France: F
Germany: D
Italy: IT
Portugal: P
Netherlands: NL
Spain: ES
United Kingdom: UK

V. More info?

Please contact your national association (click ‘Members’) if you want to obtain further information on the Made in Europe conformity marking, the correct use of the marking and the participation fee.

Promotion – General Promotion

COLIPED promotes the interests of the European two-wheeler parts’ & accessories industry at European and global level.

  • European level:
    • Contacts with and lobby of European policy makers
    • Contacts and consultation with other European organisations, such as COLIBI, ECF, ETRA, etc.
    • Liaison status within CEN TC ‘Cycles’
    • Contacts with non-member countries
  • Global level:
    • Organisation of European participations in international bicycle shows
    • Presence at the Taipei International Cycle Show
    • Contacts with non-EU industries
    • Contacts and consultation with UCI
    • Membership in the Velo City Council

Joint European booths at shows

Taipei International Cycle Show, 05 – 08 March 2014

Participating for the first time in the TCS back in 1993, COLIPED is now ready for their 22st joint European booth at the Show! The initiative turned out to be a direct hit: each consecutive year, new exhibitors join the booth and already since many years, COLIPED is the biggest exhibitor at the show.
The joint booth will host 33 exhibitors. Together, they occupy a total of 93 booths or 837 m².

In 2014, the joint COLIPED booth will accommodate 2 newcomers:

KASK (helmets)

MET (helmets)

COLIPED hopes to again expand the surface of the European booth in the future so as to be able to also welcome on its booth all the European companies that had to be turned down this year. The Taipei Cycle Show will take place from 05 to 08 March 2014 in the Nangang Exhibition Centre in Taipei. The European COLIPED booth is located at the 4th floor (i.e. upper level) of the Nangang Hall, between and immediately upon main entrances L & M. The increasing success of the joint booth not only illustrates that our exhibitors are very pleased with this European initiative and with the services provided by COLIPED; it also shows the continuous interest of European companies to participate in the Taipei International Cycle Show. Everyone is cordially invited to visit our exhibitors and to drop in on the COLIPED information booth (L 0122-0126-0221-0223-0225) for a chat and a coffee.

Why a joint booth?
To take away the burden of the practical organisation of a participation in an international show. The joint booth promotes European companies and their products. It has grown into an outstanding meeting and trading place for its exhibitors, their clients, visitors and journalists.

Which services does COLIPED offer?

  • booth surface rental
  • booth construction
  • booth outfit (furniture, logos, carpet, spotlights, plants)
  • insertion of the participants’ information in the show catalogue
  • an interpreter, who can assist the participating exhibitors during the show
  • general assistance before and during the show

At the European pavilion, COLIPED also runs its own information booth at which our exhibitors and their customers can enjoy a coffee or soft drink. In short, the participating companies only have to deal with the timely shipment of their exhibits and their own travel arrangements.

Who can participate?
A) Companies that are member of their national, professional association, which in turn is a member of COLIPED and/or COLIBI. These companies enjoy the preferential “member” rate;
B) Non-member companies can apply in writing. Applications will be dealt with case by case, depending on the available surface.

More info on conditions and participation fees?
Please contact Ms Greet Engelen at:

The European booth in 2014
The joint COLIPED booth welcomes 32 exhibitors from 8 different countries: Belgium, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland.

COLIPED Exhibitors (2014) Booth numbers
(Nangang Hall, 4th floor)
4ZA / NV Race Productions L 0329
AGU B.V. L 0417 – 0417a
Alpina Raggi S.p.A. M 0302 – 0304
Ambrosio srl

Apollo Vredestein B.V.

L 0323

L 0128 – 0130

Bobike L 0322-0324-0326-0328
Büchel GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG L 0330
Carrera – Podium M 0210 – 0212 /
Challenge Tires L 0429 – 0429a
Clark’s Cycle System Ltd. M 0104 – 0106
COLIPED vzw L 0122-0124-0126 & L 0221-0223-0225
Dual Press srl

EDCO Engineering     Elite Srl

M 0305

M 0309

L 0317 – 0319 – 0321

Fast Forward Wheels B.V. L 0419a
FIR – Gist srl L 0224 – 0226
Herrmans OY AB L 0230
ITM Bike Components Srl


Lake Cycling Int’l

L 0318 – 0320 – 0419

L 0325 – L 0327 – L 0228

M 0206

Limar Helmets

MET S.p.A.

L 0118 – 0120 – 0217 – 0219

M 0311

Polisport – Plásticos S.A. L 0218 – 0220 – 0222
Rodi Sinks & Ideas M 401 – 0401a
Ryde International B.V. M 0218 – 0216 – 0214 – 0317 – 0315 – 0313
Santini Maglificio Sportivo M 0202–0204-M 0301-0303
Schwalbe – Ralf Bohle GmbH M 0118 – 0116 – 0217 – 0215 – 0213
Selle Italia M 0114 – 0112 – 0110 – 0209 – 0211 /
Selle Royal S.p.A. M 0318-0316-0314-0312-0310-0417
Ursus S.p.A. M 0306
Vittoria S.p.A. M 0203 – M 0205 /
Weldtite Products Ltd. L 0227 – L 0229
Widek B.V. M 0102 – M 0201

Other shows
At the request of the industry, and if there is a sufficient number of interested companies, COLIPED will also organise joint participations in other shows, such as Interbike, the China Cycle Show, etc.. and even European shows.

Please feel free to send your proposals to:

A Cycling Investment Plan for Europe by ECF, COLIBI and COLIPED

December 4, 2014

Abstract: The Bicycle Industry sector warmly welcomes the European Commission’s “Investment Plan for Europe”. A position paper in collaboration between ECF and Colibi-Coliped.

Download the full document:
A Cycling Investment Plan for Europe by ECF, COLIBI and COLIPED (357K)

Position Paper on Urban Transport

May 31, 2007

Abstract: In the framework of the European Commission’s preparations of their Green Paper on Urban Transport, COLIPED and COLIPED presented their position and recommendations to the EC – see attached Position Paper.

Download the full document:
Position Paper on Urban Transport – 2007 (318K)

Reduction of VAT rate on bicycles, bicycle products & – services

March 24, 2003

Abstract: COLIPED, COLIBI and ETRA requested the European Commission to consider a general reduction of the VAT rate on all bicycle products and services. Below, you can consult their joint Position Paper.

Download the full document:
Position Paper – Reduced VAT (25K)

Reduction of VAT rate on bicycles, bicycle products & – services

March 24, 2003

Abstract: COLIPED, COLIBI and ETRA requested the European Commission to consider a general reduction of the VAT rate on all bicycle products and services. Below, you can consult their joint Position Paper.

Download the full document:
Position Paper – Reduced VAT (25K)


COLIBI & COLIPED General Assemblies hosted by their Portuguese member, ABIMOTO Signing of the new COLIPED constitution, Brussels, November 29, 2001
COLIBI & COLIPED General Assemblies hosted by their Portuguese member, ABIMOTA Signing of the new COLIPED constitution,
Brussels, November 29, 2001.
From left to right: Siegfried Neuberger (ZIV), Eddie Eccleston (BAGB), Gérard Jacques (SFEPCM), Costantino Ruggiero (ANCMA), Gerrit Jan Stokreef (RAI Association and Treasurer of COLIPED), Stijn Vancuyck (FEBIAC).
COLIPED at the Taipei Cycle Show
COLIPED booth at the Taipei Cycle Show COLIPED booth at the Taipei Cycle Show
COLIPED booth at the Taipei Cycle Show