Studies and Presentations

CONEBI conducts in-depth analyses of topics that are relevant for the EU Bicycle Industry. Moreover, CONEBI participates in panel discussions at EU and International level to share the position of the European Industry on regulatory and policy matters.

Communications, Declarations and Strategies

CONEBI gathers communications and declarations that determine present and future political decisions by the European and international institutions. In this section it will be also possible to find the EU Cycling Strategy, a comprehensive document written by the most relevant stakeholders in the Cycling sector, which assesses the current situation in the EU political framework.

Directives and Regulations

CONEBI monitors both the development and revision of EU Directives – legislative acts that set out specific goals that all EU countries must achieve, but that leave space for individual countries to devise their own laws on how to reach these goals – and EU Regulations – binding legislative acts that must be applied in their entirety across the EU – directly or indirectly affecting EU Bicycle Industry.

Position Papers

CONEBI follows up on any policy and regulatory matter that affects and might affect the EU Bicycle Industry by preparing position papers that intend to clearly explain the CONEBI’s official position in these regards.

Rapex Reports

The Rapid Alert System for dangerous non-food products (Rapex) allows for a quick exchange of information between European countries and the European Commission about non-food products – such as bicycles or bicycle accessories and parts – that can pose a risk to the health and safety of consumers. Rapex reports are available in this section.