CONEBI advocates for the safest standards and regulations at European and International level. Therefore, CONEBI attends directly as official stakeholder the meetings of the Motorcycle Working Group (European Commission – DG Grow), the CEN and the ISO Working Groups through its Members as well as the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations at the United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe with the official status of Observer


CONEBI follows important dossiers that have a link with the European Bicycle Industry in the context of the EU Transport, Industrial and Trade Policies as well as any EU Internal Market issues. Through its intelligence gathering activities CONEBI analyses threats and opportunities in the EU legislative and policy framework and represents its Members’ position towards the EU Institutions. CONEBI also participates in high-level discussions with EU policy-makers and engages with other EU associations working on joint advocacy campaigns that enable the Bicycle, Electrically Power Assisted Cycle and Parts & Accessories Industries to be part of the public affairs system in Brussels. 


Every year CONEBI carries out an economic study based on figures provided by its Member Associations. It gives an overview of the European Bicycle Industry’s activities (production and employment), relevant market data (sales and imports) and highlights the actions undertaken at national level by its Members to promote sales and cycling.


Within its intelligence-gathering activities, CONEBI conducts studies that provide valuable insights and analysis of the most recent economic, industrial and mobility trends in the EU. CONEBI also contributes to panel discussions with ad-hoc presentations.


To take away the burden of the practical organisation of companies’ participation in an International trade fair, CONEBI brings together EU companies under the so-called CONEBI pavilion to promote them and their products: for instance, CONEBI (former Colibi-Coliped) has brought in the last 25 years many EU companies to the Taipei Cycle Show – which represents one of the most important trade fairs in Asia.