90 000 Direct-Indirect Jobs in the EU Bicycle Industry


Brussels – May 8, 2017

After the first study of December 2012 made by Colibi, Coliped and EBMA – which showed that around 700 companies (most of them SMEs) were directly-indirectly employing 70.000 workers – CONEBI has just contributed to the update of that document: it underlines the current expansion of the EU Industry both in jobs, investments and SMEs, therefore representing a good example of inclusive sustainable economy. The expansion is mainly due to the further development of the most important innovation of the last 20 years: the Pedal-Assist Ebikes.
In the EU there are now over 90.000 Direct-Indirect Workers, and 800 SMEs capillary distributed in 20 of the 28 Member States, generating over 1 Billion euros EU investments and approximately 12 Billion euros EU of Industrial output: for more details, you can find the publication of the results at the following link (for confidentiality reasons, you will only find the total numbers of direct employment for both the EU Bicycle and EPAC producers as well as for Bicycle Parts producers, but also the estimation regarding the accessories producers and the Indirect jobs).

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