A day full of sadness for all of us


It is not easy to find the right words in this moment to express our grief for the loss of Siegfried Neuberger.

Siegfried Neuberger has been a wonderful colleague and a friend, a unique professional: he has given a lot to the Bicycle Industry at all levels with his expertise and passion as well as with his politeness, harmony and respect. All the deepest feelings cannot be explained in a press release.

Siegfried Neuberger and the Bicycle Industry are linked to each other, and will always be. Siegfried has managed the ZIV excellently, representing – for CONEBI – a virtuous example to follow. His knowledge and ideas have made CONEBI a stronger association.

Chairman of European and international standardization committees, Siegfried has been a bright resource in the development of the most important regulations and standards that apply to the Industry, such as the EN/ISO norms and the EU Pedal Assist E-Bike Regulations for the highest safety of bicycles and e-bikes put on the European market.

His hard work for CONEBI is the best example of how positive and constructive the collaboration between European authorities and the Bike Industry can be. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with Siegfried: CONEBI heartily thanks him for all his support. Both the Board of Directors and Secretariat have learnt a lot from him.

‘’We would like to send our condolences to Siegfried’s family’’ – states the CONEBI’s President Erhard Büchel. ‘’Thank you for everything Siegfried, we will never forget you’’ is the common message from everybody in the CONEBI family.

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