CONEBI participates in Public Consultations on Sustainability Requirements for Batteries and the Revision of the Machinery Directive


In August, the European Commission requested stakeholders’ input on two topics that are of great importance to the European Bicycle Industry, the development of sustainability requirements for batteries as well as the revision of the machinery directive. CONEBI, together with its technical experts participated in both of these consultations in order to make the voice of the industry heard and ensure that the European Bicycle, Pedal Assist E-Bike, Parts & Accessories Industry continues to develop in a sustainable as well as safe manner.

The European Commission is planning to draw up sustainability requirements for batteries as it aims to foster battery production in Europe. The main objective of this initiative is to foster the production and placing on the EU market of high performing, safe, sustainable and durable (i.e. long-lasting) battery cells and battery packs/modules, produced with the lowest environmental footprint possible in a way that is cost-effective. At the same time, this initiative aims at helping create a level playing field for economic operators and takes into consideration the full lifecycle of a battery. The requirements will most likely be in the form of an Ecodesign and/or Energy Labelling Regulation.

This consultation is of importance to CONEBI as battery technologies play a key role in low emission mobility and new sustainability criteria will have an impact on the supply chain of battery procurements as well as how batteries should be treated at the end of their life cycle. The consultation directly addressed industry representatives of battery manufacturers as well as representatives from manufacturers of electric vehicles.

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) is relevant for non-type approved e-bikes and makes an official reference to the European EPAC standard EN15194:2017 thereby harmonizing this standard under the Machinery Directive. In general, the directive aims to promote the free movement of machinery within the single market and guarantees a high level of safety and protection for machinery users and other exposed persons, goals that CONEBI can very much agree with.

The European Commission has decided to launch this public consultation where stakeholders from business and industry associations, manufacturers and importers of machinery and/or parts are asked to voice their opinion to confirm the issues identified by an evaluation of the directive as well as to improve and simplify the directive.

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