CONEBI welcomes the newly elected Board Members at the 2023 General Assembly in Brussels

Board of Directors

CONEBI Welcomes The Newly Elected Board Members At The 2023 General Assembly In Brussels

Brussels, 28 November 2023 – The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) is delighted to announce the election of the new Board of Directors at the 2023 General Assembly held on 28 November in Brussels.

During the General Assembly, the members of CONEBI voted to elect the following: 

1.     Erhard Büchel, CONEBI President (Büchel & Co. Fahrzeugteilefabrik KG,


2.    Didier Morelle, CONEBI Board Member (Decathlon, France)

3.     Ben Kao, CONEBI Board Member (Giant Manufacturing Hungary)

4.     Pedro Araujo, CONEBI Board Member (Polisport, Portugal)

5.     Massimo Panzeri, CONEBI Board Member (Atala Spa, Italy)

6.     Bayram Akgul, CONEBI Board Member (Salcano, Turkey)

7.   Remco Tekstra, CONEBI Board Member (RAI Association, Netherlands)


The newly elected Board of Directors will serve for the next two years each – renewable for other two – contributing with their vast knowledge and expertise to guide the strategic direction of CONEBI and support its mission to provide input to the EU’s regulatory and policy consultation fora in matters related to the EU Internal Market, Industry, and Transport legislative agenda.  

Erhard Büchel, CONEBI President, said: “I am honored to have been re-elected President of CONEBI. CONEBI is thrilled to welcome these very experienced professionals to its Board: their diverse backgrounds and expertise will be invaluable in driving CONEBI’s initiatives forward and ensuring our organisation remains at the forefront of the political agenda in Europe.” 

Didier Morelle, CONEBI Board Member, said: “I have passionately advocated for local bike production for 20 years. It is crucial to manufacture bikes and parts in Europe to add value, promote circular economy, drive innovation, strengthen MADE IN Europe values, create sustainable jobs, and serve light mobility users and the green industry.”


Ben Kao, CONEBI Board Member, stated: “I am honored to serve on the Board of CONEBI. Together, we shall continue its important work to further strengthen the regulatory and policy framework of the European cycling environment to cope with new challenges and
to encourage more ESG conscious investment in Europe for a sustainable future for all.”

Pedro Araujo, CONEBI Board Member, said: I am proud to join the CONEBI Board for the next two years, where I will use my expertise to support the cycling and mobility industry. I am eager to share the Portuguese industry’s insights in European discussions, contributing to the ongoing dialogue that shapes our industry’s future.”

Massimo Panzeri, CONEBI Board Member, stated: If we want a long-term growth of our industry, we have to continue to be involved in EU decisions, otherwise investments by companies are at risk.”

Bayram Akgul, CONEBI Board Member, said: I am honoured to represent BISED in the CONEBI Board, which encompasses 80% of bike manufacturers in Turkey. We have a geographical advantage in supplying the EU, reaching Eastern Europe including the Balkans. We advocate for cycling as an active, healthy, and economical form of mobility through public and political mechanisms.”

Remco Tekstra, CONEBI Board Member, said: “Cycling is on the agenda in Europe or even globally, and CONEBI plays an important role. Active mobility, health, safety, batteries, and
industry policy are areas we as an industry want and must be involved in. I am grateful
to be on the CONEBI Board for the next two years.”

From Left to Right: CONEBI General Manager, Mr. Manuel Marsilio, Board Members Mr. Ben Kao, Mr. Remco Tekstra, Mr. Didier Morelle, Mr. Bayram Akgul and Mr. Pedro Araújo (Missing from the photo are CONEBI President Mr. Erhard Büchel and Board Member Mr. Massimo Panzeri)

CONEBI expresses profound gratitude to the outgoing board members for their contributions and commitment to the organisation’s progress during their tenure.


For more information about CONEBI and its Board of Directors, please visit


Notes for the Editor

About the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI): CONEBI represents the European Bicycle, Pedal Assist E-Bike, Parts & Accessories Industries in Europe; out of a total of more than 1000 companies in Europe, more than 700 companies – most of them SMEs – are represented via the CONEBI’s national member organizations. CONEBI’s work involves providing input to the EU’s regulatory and policy consultation fora in matters related to the EU Internal Market, Industry, and Transport legislative agenda. CONEBI is a founding member of the World Bicycle Industry Association WBIA, the Industry4Europe coalition and the EU CCAM Partnership.

For more information, please contact:

Manuel Marsilio, General Manager – CONEBI

Alix Stamp, Communications, Media & Events Manager – CONEBI

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