European Commission’s EU Industrial Recovery Strategy in coordination with CONEBI


‘’The upcoming European Commission proposal for the Recovery Strategy will embed the main elements of the European Green Deal, building on smart and clean mobility, which is at the core of the bicycle industry.’’ This is what the European Commission – Directorate General for the EU Market and Industry – states in its letter  to CONEBI.

The European Commission confirmed the messages shared recently with CONEBI and is committed to support the Bicycle, E-Bike, Parts and Accessories Industries in the current situation, with a focus as well ‘’on the new emerging global context’’. The aim of the European Commission is to create the conditions for the structural changes that will allow the EU economy to remain in the vanguard of technological development and competitiveness. The Head of the Automotive and Mobility Industries, in the Commission’s letter, says: ‘’We believe that the bicycle industry could take a big part in this thanks notably to the important innovations in the sector and to its positive carbon footprint’’. 900 companies and 110.000 jobs in Europe will have a voice in such an important dialogue with the European Union – states Manuel Marsilio, CONEBI General Manager.

Moreover, CONEBI and its advocacy partners are also calling for investments in Cycling infrastructure and a €5 billion EU e-bike access fund. At the European level, CONEBI has signed a letter to the European Commission which was developed together with organisations representing public transport authorities and operators, business associations and POLIS – the network of European cities and regions for innovative transport solutions. It highlights the need to support urban mobility in responding to the coronavirus crisis, but also to fully embrace the opportunities for sustainable urban mobility in front of us.

CONEBI is extremely glad to see that today the European Commission published a very important communication: “COVID-19: Guidelines on the progressive restoration of transport services’’. It is written:

‘’Urban mobility is already being re-thought in several Member States, regions and cities, such as extending pavements and bicycle paths, adapting timetables and developing innovative technologies to manage passenger flows and avoid crowding. The Commission encourages and supports the development and implementation of new urban mobility solutions and measures to facilitate active, collective and shared mobility in a safe manner, and to ensure trust among citizens’’.

Bicycle sales are increasing considerably all over Europe, cities are developing cycling plans, bike shops reopening where they have been closed and factories back to production: great merits go to the members of CONEBI that are developing valuable strategies in coordination with local authorities and governments.

More info will follow in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

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