Industry4Europe Plenary Session


Brussels, February 18th, 2019 – Industry4Europe held some days ago its first plenary session of 2019 at the Brussels office of Hauts-de-France Region. CONEBI was there – as always – supporting the activities of the coalition. The plenary was a good opportunity for Industry4Europe to discuss the strategy regarding the next activities.
Industry4Europe is an industry coalition of organizations advocating for an ambitious EU industry strategy: it has 138 member organizations from across the EU, and CONEBI is proud to be one of the founding members.
The coalition has published several Joint Papers and Declarations about what kind of requests the EU Industry has in the future EU Industrial Strategy’s development. The impact of such an important advocacy work is already evident in the policy papers of several European Parliament’s political parties. Furthermore, the Council of the EU – which groups all EU Governments – has also adopted several arguments from Industry4Europe to discuss the content of the future EU strategy. Representing the European Commission, DG GROW, gave a presentation on the Commission’s Industrial Policy, highlighting that industrial policy should go hand by hand with innovation, decarbonization, investment, access to international markets, digitization and the development of the single market.
Moreover, the coalition presented to the European Commission its 3 sub-groups: the first is responsible for drafting the New Joint Call for the Heads of State and Government, the second one for monitoring the 2019 European Parliament Elections, and the third sub-group is going to cover EU-related Communication and Social Media.

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