The EU Cycling Strategy is finally ready and has been handed over to Commissioner Bulc


Nijmegen – June 16, 2017

The EU Cycling Strategy has been finalised! Please find here both the full version and the summary.

Through the valuable umbrella of ECF, the contributions of many stakeholders (NGOs, academics, cities, Bicycle Industry) have been put together to create an 11-chapters EU Strategy: it contains recommendations directed at the EU, national, regional and local level which, if implemented by the EU, will improve conditions to get more people cycling. More in details, the strategy embraces the points that the Cycling sector advocates for, from Cycling in the EU policy to have an equal attention in comparison with other modes of transportation to considerably more EU direct and indirect investments in projects that are related to Cycling and the Bicycle Industry – just to name a few.

The Industry brought its important contribution by writing an entire chapter about the development and potential of Manufacturing and Supply Chain, concentrating on the enforcement of the rules as well as on the conditions that enable the EU to be competitive in terms of maintaining and growing its share of the Industry. The Industry provided also valuable information that is present in other chapters of the Strategy on topics like vehicle regulations and standards, Intelligent Transport Systems and the potential growth of the market.

The EU Cycling Strategy was handed over to the Transport Commissioner of the European Commission Ms Bulc on the last day of the Velo-City in Arnhem-Nijmegen: a remarkable milestone that sets a new important step forward in our advocacy work towards a higher level of Cycling in the EU Policy, Regulatory and Financial Agenda.

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