CONEBI appointed by the European Commission as co-chair of the EU Mobility Transition Pathway


CONEBI appointed by the European Commission as co-chair of the EU Mobility Transition Pathway: how the EU and the Cycling Industry can work together on a Long-term Industrial Strategy in Europe

Brussels, 5 June 2023 – The European Union has the objective to accelerate the Green and Digital transition and to increase the European industry resilience, also with a link to the supply chain disruptions noticed during the pandemic and its consequences in the strategic long-term development of the Bicycle Industry in Europe. To that end,
the European Commission (DG Grow) appointed CONEBI to co-chair a roundtable of discussions on the current competitiveness of the European industry, how this competitiveness could be improved, and the role of regulations and standards in supporting steady industrial growth.

Among the key issues discussed between April and May,

  • the need for EU Funding to strengthen the manufacturing and R&D base in Europe (including via ad-hoc clusters and specific programmes);
  • the future E-Bike and Personal Mobility Devices EU regulatory classification;
  • the importance of a properly developed battery ecosystem;
  • the positive impact of the EU Trade Defense Instruments on further reshoring in Europe;
  • the role of the EU and national governments in supporting the growth of cycling in Europe

EBMA, CIE, CONEBI’s national member organizations, and a delegation of companies from all over Europe have also taken part in the roundtable discussions with the CONEBI Secretariat and the European Commission’s DG GROW – which is responsible for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, and SMEs policies.

Together with the Bicycle Industry, 3 more industrial sectors have been invited to provide input and co-create an EU Industrial Strategy proposal, taking into consideration the different competencies at EU, national, and regional levels: Automotive, Rail, and Waterborne.
That follows:  

  • the communication from the European Commission in 2021 regarding the need for a new industrial strategy that underlines the fundamental importance of innovation, competition, and a strong and well-functioning EU single market – while strengthening global competitiveness through open markets and a level playing field (link).
  • The European Parliament’s resolution of February 2023 calling on the European Commission and EU Member States to work together on an EU Cycling Strategy, which includes support for the role of the industry (link).
  • The announcement by Vice President Timmermans in March that the European Commission is going to work in that direction and release its strategy in the fall of 2023, alongside the proposal by the Belgian government to bring together all EU Member States in the request for more EU funding to support the promotion of Cycling nationally (link).

The process linked to the EU Mobility Transition Pathway will lead to the publication of a policy report by the European Commission in the second part of 2023, which will take stock of the open dialogue held between April and May, and set the path for the future on how to boost investments in the Green and Digital transition in Europe – a priority for the EU. Afterwards, the European Commission will encourage, collect and support public and private stakeholder commitments to concrete actions to make the mentioned transition as tangible and supportive as possible for the Automotive, Rail, Waterborne, and Cycling Industries.
Erhard Büchel, CONEBI President, said: ‘’We value the recognition by the European Commission of the advocacy work that has been carried out over the years on the level of EU regulatory, standardization and political files impacting the Bicycle Industry: being actively part of the discussions on the Mobility Transition in Europe, together with the Automotive, Rail, and Waterborne industries is a step that reinforces our confidence about the work done so far’’.  

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