CONEBI at the European Commission to present the Tampering issue


Brussels, 13 December 2022 – On 8th December CONEBI was invited to join and give a presentation at the Forum for the Exchange of Information on Enforcement organised by the European Commission (EC).

This Forum is primarily attended by national market enforcement authorities and has the key objective of exchanging information on enforcement problems and promoting best practices in order to facilitate uniform interpretation and implementation of EU Regulations.

CONEBI has been invited as a result of its campaign to sensibilize about the major issue of the illegal modification of bicycles and e-bikes on the market (the ‘’tampering issue’’), which led to the Bicycle Industry self-commitment on anti-tampering organised by CONEBI in 2021.

CONEBI explained the existence of the anti-tampering requirements in the European standard for EPACs (EN 15194:2017), including the strengthened version in the dedicated technical specification CEN/TS 17831, (publication expected in 2023), but nevertheless called for strengthening the enforcement of existing rules, including banning the sales, application and use of tuning kits, as well as for close cooperation with market enforcement authorities and the European Commission (EC).

Moreover, CONEBI presented the legal consequences both for users and retailers, as well as the critical safety risks related to tampering. Tampered pedal-assist e-bikes becoming motor vehicles and not complying anymore with the EPAC standard, would require type approval and would bring along the requirements for a mandatory helmet, third-party liability insurance, driving license and in general different rights than the ones of a bicycle.   

After the European Commission presented a list of ten harmonised enforcement projects (so-called Joint Actions) to be undertaken in close collaboration with national authorities as from next year through information exchange and coordinated assessment (under the direction of a leading authority), the European Commission also mentioned anti-tampering of e-bikes as a potential candidate for such a list of projects in the future.

The possibility of a liaison officer at the European Commission has also been mentioned.

CONEBI will continue the dialogue with the European Commission on the very important topic of the fight against the illegal modification of bicycles and e-bikes.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the CONEBI secretariat.


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