European Mobility Atlas 2021 highlights potential of cycling industry


Brussels 9 February 2021 – the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation published its European Mobility Atlas on February 3rd providing key facts on the European mobility landscape clearly highlighting the potential that Cycling and the Bicycle Industry have.


Sustainable mobility is key to tackle the current climate crisis and to achieve the targets of the European Green Deal. However, the EU is still far away from reaching the goals it has set itself and transport accounts for nearly 30% of the CO₂ emissions within the European Union.


Therefore, the EU Mobility Atlas tackles the question ‘’how can the EU reduce its transport and mobility emissions while connecting citizens, creating green jobs and leading the innovation in the sector?’’ During the launch of the atlas Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, highlighted that cycling is one of the key solutions and that the European Bicycle Industry has an important role to play in achieving the EU’s green goals.


Taking a look into the EU Mobility Atlas, cycling plays a major role and emphasizing the contributions the European Bicycle Industry can make with its more than 120,000 green jobs across Europe. Moreover, the chapter on the Bicycle Industry, authored by CONEBI, provides market figures and trends showcasing how the industry has moved from an annual turnover of 5€ billion 20 years ago to almost 15 billion€ in 2019, steadily increasing both the employment offer and investments.


In addition, the EU Mobility Atlas looks at the overall impact of cycling by analyzing the potential of cycling tourism as well as the increasing relevance of cargo bikes with the support of experts in the field such as ECF. Next to cycling, the document contains a chapter on the impact of COVID-19 on transport, railway, digitalisation, aviation and labour rights.


The Heinrich-Böll-Foundation is a German political foundation affiliated with the German Green Party (Alliance 90/The Greens) and is an important stakeholder both at the German and European level when it comes to political education and advocacy on Green policies. Over the past years, the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation has published Atlases on a variety of topics, including infrastructure, energy and plastics that aim to analyze the key facts and figures concerning the respective topics as well as provide an insight into overall market trends.


To access the EU Mobility Atlas please click here.

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