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Here you can find CONEBI’s monthly newsletters about our activities and the political developments happening in Brussels. 



Position Papers

Here you can find CONEBI’s position papers highlighting the EU Bicycle Industry’s position on several key topics. In case you would like to have further information on any of these topics please contact the CONEBI Secretariat.


Role of C-ITS/CCAM for the Road Safety of Cyclists (May 2024)


Feedback to the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive Revision (March 2022)

Feedback to the Sustainable Consumption of Goods Initiative (April 2022)

Feedback to the Sustainable Products Initiative (new Ecodesign rules) (March 2022)


Position Paper on E-Bike Battery Repair (December 2021)

Feedback to Proposal for GPSR (October 2021)

Position Paper on Revision of End of Life Vehicles Directive (October 2021)

Feedback to Roadmap for EU Standardisation Strategy Roadmap (August 2021)

Feedback to Proposal for a new Machinery Regulation (July 2021)

Feedback on the European Strategy for a Sustainable and Smart Mobility (July 2021)

Position Paper on Possible Type Approval of EPACs (January 2021)

Feedback to Public Consultation Sustainable transport – new urban mobility framework (May 2021)

Position Paper “Batteries - modernizing EU rules” (February 2021)


Joint Letter Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (December 2020)

Position Paper on Tampering of EPACs (March 2020)


Industry4Europe Joint Paper “A long-term Strategy for Europe’s Industrial Future” (November 2019)

Joint CONEBI-ECF Position Paper - Revision of Motor Insurance Directive (May 2019)


Joint ECF-CONEBI Position Paper on Revision EU VAT Directive (June 2018)

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