Strengthening the EU Electric Vehicle Market


Brussels – September 20, 2016

Several actions have been developed at EU level to encourage the uptake of electrical vehicles, including the ‘European Strategy on Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles’ and the ‘European Green Vehicles Initiative’ (EGVI). The Strategy sets out a policy framework for ‘green’ means of transportation while the EGVI represents a contractual public-private partnership endorsing research and innovation regarding green technologies for cars and other mobility systems used for road transport.
However, some barriers still need to be overcome in order to enhance the European electric vehicle market. These include factors such as accessibility of recharging points and overall infrastructure efficiency.
The international symposium “Strengthening the EU Electric Market” examined the latest developments regarding electric vehicles at EU level. Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni of the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA), Joeri Van Mierlo of the researchers group MOBI (Free University of Brussels VUB) , Julia Hildermeier of Transport and Environment, and Kåre Albrechtsen of the Copenhagen region Hovedstaden, among others, presented their ideas: although the main focus of the conference was on the development of electric cars, Ms. Hildermeier and Mr. Albrechtsen highlighted the importance for local authorities to invest in Bike/E-Bike sharing systems and charging infrastructures.

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