Towards a European Cycling Strategy: Kick-Off Meeting


Brussels –  September 14, 2016

The European Commission launched in January of this year the so-called “GEAR 2030” strategy to boost competitiveness and growth in the automotive sector, in December 2015 a comprehensive strategy for the European aviation sector, in 2009 the “Maritime Strategy 2018” and in 2013 the proposals for the Fourth Railway Package: the size of the EU Cycling Economy cannot be compared to the one of the aforementioned sectors but as the Cycling sector is growing very rapidly, several stakeholders such as the European Cyclists’ Federation, the European Transport Safety Council, Polis and CONEBI – among others – decided to launch a campaign for a European Cycling Strategy.
The creation of an EU-wide policy framework for Cycling would bring together for the first time all areas of EU policy with relevance to Cycling: Member States, the European Parliament as well as the Committee of the Regions all have called upon the European Commission to develop such a strategy.
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